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CrowdBurst announced Friday the official release of (Beta).

"How many times have you wanted to tell a friend or colleague his breath stinks, but couldn't think of a nice way to put it?" asks co-founder Paul Christopher. "Now you can. Just drop him a friendly anonymous note through CrowdBurst and everyone wins."

But is much more than just an email anonymizer. It's a comprehensive set of tools for sending and receiving personal and professional feedback on all kinds of topics that matter: interpersonal skills, leadership, romance, fashion. More importantly, CrowdBurst is a vibrant community of ordinary citizens interested in self-improvement and expanding their potential.

"We were inspired by two different experiences. The first was doing a 360-degree peer review and realizing what a valuable source of feedback it was, and how much more honest people will be when they don't have to confront you face to face," Christopher says. "The second was frequently noticing mistakes that public speakers make, and having no way to help them correct those mistakes without emabarassing everyone involved. We built CrowdBurst to solve both of those problems."

About's suite of self-improvement tools includes:

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