So, we heard you're into self-improvement! Well, you came to the right place (the Internet, that is). There are quite a few resources for you out there, some of them — though it pains us to admit it — at least as compelling as CrowdBurst.

Here are a few of our favorites. We know your inbox space is valuable, but you won't be wasting your time to hear from these folks once a week.

Scott H. Young

Scott Young is a knowledge ninja and productivity guru famous for his MIT Challenge, in which he successfully chugs four years worth of computer science classes from MIT in under twelve months. Scott's blog is required reading for anyone concerned with getting as much knowledge into his or her head as possible, and making the best use of it.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Eric Barker's "Barking Up the Wrong Tree" is one of those few newsletters that we read cover to cover. It's full of fascinating and up-to-the-minute clinical results in psychology, behavioral economics, and related disciplines that shed light on how to maximize your happiness, productivity, and influence. Want to learn how FBI hostage negotiation tactics can help you in the boardroom? Start here.

Science of People

Huffington Post columnist Vanessa Edwards pens this fascinating blog about scientific insights into human behavior and how you can turn them to your advantage. Practical but never boring, "Science of People" wants to maximize your charisma and influence using techniques based on hard evidence. Vanessa's fans are die-hard for a reason.


Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod is a top-tier motivational speaker, self-improvement guru, and author of the wildly popular The Miracle Morning. His website and podcast are chock-full of outstanding ideas for self-improvement. We're inspired by Hal's story about asking for personal feedback via email and totally on the same page about its potential for uncovering personal blind spots.

James Clear

James Clear's blog is another treasure trove of scientific insights into performance and productivity improvement. James writes lucidly on a wide variety of topics like exercise, focus, creativity, sleep patterns, willpower, etc. — all the ingredients you'll need on your road to self-actualization.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a former CEO and host of a hugely successful blog and podcast. He focuses on leadership skills, particularly in a business context, but there is wisdom here for travelers on all walks of life. Michael's blog includes practical advice on health, marketing, relationships, organizational skills, and more.

Darren Hardy

This website from the founder and publisher of SUCCESS Magazine focuses, unsurprisingly, on acheiving success. Darren's site is heavier on the inspiration than the science — but he's an expert in the field and has plenty to teach you about productivity and developing healthy habits of mind.



Dr. Jeremy Dean's blog brings you the latest results from experimental psychology and neuroscience, with an emphasis on practical measures you can take to maximize health, wellness, happiness, and productivity. Read this for evidenced-backed insights into improving your memory, sleep, diet, and writing skills, and on why you should drink more hot chocolate :)