A sleep deprived nurse
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I work a nurse in our local hospital, I work at night shift, my sleeping habit has already change and its hard for me to fall asleep during day time, can any one give me advice what to eat so that I can have a good sleep?

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    user imageJean Thomasover 7 years ago

    Sleep deprivation causes accidents, makes you dumb, irritated and forgetful and causes some health issues. This is true to all of us.

    Having the right amount of sleep if one is a nurse is important since you take care of the need of people under your care. However, if you lack sleep all the time because of the erratic schedule of your duty, it is important that you learn how to do power naps. Power naps restore wakefulness and promote performance and learning. Some studies show that a 30-minute nap may is able to reverse the hormonal impact of a night of poor sleep or reverse the damage of sleep deprivation.