Influence of Celebrity Endorsement on Product Sales
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Now a days, majority of the consumers depend on celebrity endorsement when choosing the type of product they need or want. Why do people believe such type of advertisement style?

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    user imageJean Thomasover 7 years ago

    Using celebrities in endorsing products have been a trend since advertising in all forms of medium became an important marketing tool. However, I do believe that celebrity endorsements can only be an effective tool in increasing product sales when the endorser is credible and perceived to be an expert on the product he or she is endorsing. There must be a congruence between the celebrity‘s perceived image and the type of products they are endorsing. The type of product they sell should be consistent with the celebrity endorser’s public persona.

    On the other hand, the above mentioned characteristics do not automatically mean that it will translate to purchase intentions. It is still incumbent on the marketing managers to use consumer research as a tool in assisting the choice of celebrities so as to mitigate the risk in celebrity endorsement campaigns.