Is too much chocolate bad for your health?
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Chocolates are my favorite food, but my mother often scold me as how chocolates are bad for my health is it really true?

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    user imageHoney Jane Lumabanalmost 8 years ago

    Yes, anything that's too much is bad. Balance is key.

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      user imagejames metabout 7 years ago

      Let's change each bite of chocolate to bottles of coca Cola
      How many bottles would that be too in one day.

      If you look the SIN with a different viewpoint
      The answer will be clear

      Years from now will look back and say mom was right.
      I know I say it all the time.. It still astounds me. But gosh darn it
      Mom was right..

      Learn that lesson today. Value your mom..
      Best of luck to you.. :)