Is honesty really the best policy?
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There are things that are done under the belt, it may not be as bad as cheating or stealing but should we really be honest in everything that we do when others are not? Is honesty really the best policy?

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    user imageRon Tannerover 7 years ago

    There are well-known situations when most reasonable people agree that honesty is not the best idea (Nazis knocking on your door, etc.) More importantly, an all-honesty policy is disrespectful of human nature. Humans are not robots that ingurgitate information and dispassionately apply it to improve utility. Instead, they are easily offended by unflattering words (e.g., "you look fat"). Sometimes they need to hear criticism anyway, and they'll ultimately be better off for it — but sometimes there's nothing they can do to change the problem. In that case, what purpose does honesty serve?

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      user imageJean Thomasover 7 years ago

      Honesty is being truthful and sincere. An honest person is more often than not a brave, fearless person. He can face any challenges in life with confidence hence, policy is the best policy.

      On the other hand, honesty cannot just be a policy. Is should become one person’s principle. Policy changes more so when it does not work. One does not change principle. It is enduring even if it causes loss.