Any tips on how to balance time between myself, my family, work and social life?
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These are my priorities in life but I sometimes find myself burnt out from trying to juggle everything. I spend most of my weekends with friends except once a month when I visit my parents. My weekdays are dedicated to work and errands. Sundays are the only days left for me but by then, I'm too tired to do any of my hobbies. Any suggestions?

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    user imagejames metabout 7 years ago

    If you value what you want to do. will find the time
    If you are just doing things to say look how much I do. You will
    Never be content.
    We always find time for what we love to do. But struggle to find time for the chores or work..
    Find the joy in the things not as fun... Be positive for the results
    You will find your time works better with a good attitude.