Idea Generator, how can I get ideas running?
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As a writer, I am always pressured by my boss to get new ideas and create good stories, How can I get ideas running?

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    user imagejames metabout 7 years ago

    Idea or inspiration . What ever your first your impulse is...
    stop and turn it around 180 come at it from the other side. Ideas are the best because they can change and grow. Good or bad
    Ask yourself question
    Where would I like to be right now. .. Think ..stop 180 go wild
    My first impulse is to say Egypt.. But 180 ....he international space station. That's more open to expanding the idea..
    Create a bigger canvas to paint on every time good luck

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      user imageRon Tannerover 7 years ago

      I guess peyote is out?

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        user imageJean Thomasover 7 years ago

        Idea generation is a creative process or procedure employed to figure out solutions to different challenges. It involves with coming up of different ideas in a form of group discussion